10 Incredibly Funny Indian Couple Pictures Will Give You A Worst Laugh

Indians are known for being extraordinary. We don't need to imitate anyone for anything because we create our own. And this practice of getting the work on our own is called 'Jugaad'. 

Apart from being 'jugaadu', we Indians are also recognized for being hardcore romantic. And by being passionate I don't mean the sense of dedicating songs or placing a perfect date, but for loving people from the bottom of our hearts. I know each one of you will agree with me on this.

While some couples are adorable and romantic, some are darn funny and awkward. Starting from doing awkward things together to sharing worse honeymoon pictures on social media, you may have come across several such couples. 

So, we dug into some of the most viral photos of Indian couples that won the internet. Trust me, these pictures will make you go ROFL.

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