What Do Girls' Snapchats Actually Mean!

You know how girls talk in simple English words which mean something very different in their own language. Their 'It's okay, I'm fine.' has never been fine. Their 'She's pretty.' has always meant 'That bitch always copies my clothing and make-up style.' And when it comes to men, hints are dropped in such a subtle way, that all the men on Earth should be able to catch them.

Holly Carpenter, a 23-year-old model from Dublin, Ohio has come up with the true intention of girls behind uploading/sending pictures on Snapchat to men. She came up with the idea of explaining the subtly dropped hints and what should a guy do in those circumstances. 

Please tell her she's cute. And if she says she just got out of her bed, tell her she's extremely beautiful. All she wants is you to tell her how adorable she is.

Why else would she mention 'single girls'? So, you can ask her out, gracefully of course.

Just wanted you to think of me, a little more, in a dirty way.

Well she's a good cook and the perfect wife material, that's what she wants to say from the picture.

It hardly matters what she says. She wants what she wants. No hints needed.

She won't send you a photo captioned 'no make-up' actually wearing 'no make-up'. She wants you to praise her natural beauty twice or thrice. Not less than that. So do it or the chapter is closed forever.

BEWARE: Don't you dare take a screenshot of it. The no-screenshot trust is above every other trust. Its time to support her and calm her down.

Don't be disheartened buddy. May be she likes you and ain't afraid to let you know how she looks like when wasted or gross. May be you're on the strong side!

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