Body Of Souls: Bipolar Special Effects Makeup Concept

This special effects makeup concept was inspired by our inner demons, and mental illnesses such as bipolar, ADHD, and depression. It is thought that we can all relate by having inner demons, a self-doubt constantly dragging us down. 

I created the latex mask and body pieces all within a 9 day turn to apply on a photo shoot using Suzi Cumming as a model. The occasion was special to us as we collaborated with ideas as Suzi is a sufferer and really helped make it clear what suffering actually looks like if you could see what a sufferer was feeling. 

The idea of wearing a mask also brings into the concept that many of us hide behind a mask of our true feelings daily as we put on a happy face to mask the pain inside or hardship times in our lives. The design is special and, hopefully, it shows to everyone suffering that they are not alone. Speak out and speak to anyone about how you’re feeling it will probably turn out that they may have been feeling similar at some point.