Honey Singh's bipolar disorder: You'd not believe what Yo Yo's best friend did for him

When Honey Singh was battling his bipolar disorder, his best friend Bobby Suri made sure he left no stone unturned in being by him.

Honey Singh recently came out in the open about his bipolar disorder, a mental condition characterised by periods of depression and periods of elevated mood

The popular musician had disappeared for a long period of time at the peak of his career, battling the disorder.

During this difficult phase, it was Honey Singh's childhood friend Bobby Suri who stood by him like a pillar.

When Bobby heard about Singh's condition, he immediately left his flourishing business in Australia and came back to India. He was one of the leading businessmen in Australia and he left it all for his friend.

Bobby has not just taken care of Honey Singh for almost 18 months, but also took care of his family in these difficult times.

One of the symptoms of bipolar disorder is that the person going through it cannot face a lot of people. It was neither easy for Honey to deal with it, nor easy for Bobby to handle him.

Even now, once Singh is out of it, Bobby is still Honey's confidante, someone who he turns to for everything. He is always around him, advising him on things and handling his work.

Honey Singh is more than thankful to his friend for selflessly standing by him.

Bobby Suri said, "Honey himself is the best friend a person can have, which drove me to think that I must be there when he needs me or is unwell. My friend needed me in this dark hour, and all I could think of was of my friend. He underwent this trauma at the height of his stardom and he has come back from it all."

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