Many of have you must have experienced this that at one moment you feel the bliss and at other everything just vanishes due to a small mistake. All of us must have noticed that the fire between the couples gets dull as the relationship moves with time and there is nothing that we could do to make things run smoothly as before.

There can be many reason for this thing to happen. Some have their differences to blame, while others get tired of the same routine, but what about the couples who love each other and still find the frenzy declining? There is definitely something that is hampering your love life and affecting it silently.

You must have been in a situation when you are all set with your partner to have a great love making session. You can no longer keep your hands off each other and the fun begins. You both are all over each other. Then you have a sizzling love making session. But then it might have happened that any of you must have done that killed the tempo.

Grabbing Something to Eat Immediately

If you rush to the kitchen or refrigerator soon after to eat or drink, it may signal that you were waiting to wrap up quickly and were thinking about eating all the while. This may not go down very well with your partner.

Sleeping in Another Room After the Session

Even if you guys otherwise sleep in separate rooms, it is not a good idea to leave your partner alone in the room immediately after making out. You can always stay with him/her in his/her bed and have a cozy night ahead. Don’t let them sulk or feel incomplete with you gone to your bed.

Cleaning Yourself up Immediately

If you can enjoy getting messy while doing it, then why can’t you wait for a little longer before cleaning up? Enjoy some moments with your partner after making love, everything else can wait!

Watching Television soon After

Were you all the time thinking about that daily soap or football match while your hormones were on fire? This is what your partner will feel if you immediately switch on the television after making love. Not a good feeling!

Dozing Off as soon as The Session Ends


Many couples (either one or both the partners) immediately tend to doze off after a love-making session. This is definitely not done.

Getting Dressed Immediately

This will give your partner a feeling that you were in a hurry all the while and couldn’t wait to get dressed. You wouldn’t like it if your partner did that to you, would you? Let your eyes and smile and hugs wind it up eventually and smoothly for you.

Heading to Complete Your Office Work

A big NO! I understand you have an important assignment to finish but just give a little more time to your partner who is still drooling over the lovely time he/she just had.

Picking Your Phone as soon as Session Gets Over

DON’T ever grab your phone to make a call or pick up your novel immediately after you are done making love. It may be your bedtime regime on regular days to call a friend or read some book but some moments are special, just keep them special!

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