20 Ads That Used Sex To Grab Your Attention


That's it. That's all it takes to catch someone's attention. A mere mention of the 3-letter word and you'll forget everything else and become all ears or, in this case, all eyes. And that's the whole point of advertising, right? Catching somebody's attention. Here are 20 ads which used sexual innuendos, in the best way possible, to get their message across:

1. When Durex wanted you to be the bond in bed.

2. When this company promised proper protection.

3. When Kamasutra wanted us to know they had flavoured ones.

4. When subway caught our attention.

5. The story of most guys.

6. Why would Air India stay far behind?

7. Philips wants us to know how trimming the bush can make the garden look bigger.

8. Music has always been hot, but some sounds are just sexy.

9. Durex wanted to check the reach of its XL condoms.

10. Persuasion can be a ring away.

11. For those who can last long, really really long.

12. A lube that good? Really?

13. The best way to encourage sperm donations.

 14. And they wanted to get a social message across.

15. When Indigo can have a go.

16. Durex wanted to check the reach of its XL condoms

17. Some ads promote no ads.