These Dead Babies & Dismembered Body Parts Sculptures Are The Most Morbid Kind Of ‘Art’

Little human hearts that are so detailed that you’re sure they must’ve belonged to tiny foetuses. You will see tiny brains, eyes, deformed baby faces, some teeth, hands, and again more miniature babies! 

These are the images of the elements that conform the unique art of Singaporean graphic designer Qixuan Lim.

 And we can't decide if these images are morbidly cute, bizarre or just plain scary.  

There is something fascinating yet unsettling about these baby sculptures.

I think it was this personal fascination fuelled by the hunger to impress someone I really respected that resulted in my first sculptures. I think I just fell in love with sculpting right after that and wanted to do it more. 

In addition to the heads of babies, Lim also makes ceramic sculptures of tiny torsos, utensils, hearts, animal skulls, pigs, and forearms—most of them about the size of a thumbnail. 

Lim started sculpting five years ago when she was working on an art show during which she was mentored by Pann Lim, a respected figure in Singapore's creative scene.

What are your thoughts on this rather bizarre artwork?


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