Judwaa 2 Review

Well from the day the movie was announced there was a lot of buzz around the movie. From casting to cameo, from songs to rumors. The buzz was a lot higher, then the trailer was launched, which was funny at places and good enough that i booked first day first show. 

Well the occupancy was high, and the movie hall was nearly full. Well as the movie begin and Varun Dhavan walks in there are whistles and crowd start cheering. Varun has a charm and his comic timing is awesome, and girl go week in their knees when he goes shirtless, well their are a lot of moments in which he is shirtless.  Jacqueline Fernandez looks gorgeous and well she has done a desent job in 1 whatever role she had. I'm disappointed with Tapsee Panu as she is a powerhouse and all her talent is wasted in a movie like this. As the story is weak, there is no logic AT ALL! 

There are moments when you laugh, there are moments when crowd shouts, there are scenes where you enjoy and plus the music is outstanding. But the movie fails to be what it promises to be. Even though this is not the best of Varun it will be a Hit.

i give it 2.5 stars out of 5.


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