Brazilian Bull

This Ancient Greek torture device is considered to be one of the most dangerous and scariest devices.

The Brazilian Bull was created to put fear in the hearts of enemies in the past. In this device, victims were placed inside a hallow brass statue, and the doors were closed. Fire would then light around the bull, and the victim will be inside screaming etc as the heat used to burn the body.

No one could see what was happening inside, but yeah, it was a very dangerous device. It is been said that this device was invented by a Greek name Perillus.

Breast Ripper

This was used on women during the medieval times. It was a very dangerous device. This device was used on women who were mainly accused of adultery and abortion, or any other crime. The device was first heated, and then it was used to rip off a woman’s breasts.

The Saw

In this device, it was used to slice or cut a human (as shown in the image) The torturers would start slicing a human in between the legs.

Judas Cradle

This was a terrible medieval torture which was used on the victims. Firstly, a victim was placed on the top pyramid looking seat. All hands and legs were tied. Later, the triangular shaped end of the device was inserted into a victim’s vagina or anus.

This was very painful, and as the victims used to move their body in pain, the device would increase more pain.

The Head Crusher

The name clearly indicates what exactly it was used for. Head crusher was a dangerous device used during medieval times. The chin was placed over the bottom bar and head exactly under the upper cap, the torturer would then turn the screw by pressing the bar against the cap.

The teeth’s and jaw bones were completely shattered.

The Boots

In this method, iron boots would be placed upon the person (victim’s) legs and a wedge would be inserted between the legs and walls of the boots. As soon as the torturer would say start the punishment, the hammer would drive the wedge deeper into the boot. This used to provide a lot of pain to the victim.

The Guillotine

The victims head was placed in the middle of the frame, and later they would drop the blade on him. The blade was very razor sharp and painful. In this process, victims head was cut off with the blade.

Tongue Tearer

This scissor looking device was ultimately the dangerous one that was used to cut victim’s tongue. Firstly, there was a device which was used to open a victim’s mouth wide open, and then this iron tongue tearer was used to twist and remove the victim’s tongue.

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