Many of our elders think about this question but I think we the youth of today should be the one who should think about it. I would point out some of the things which today’s youth want, what they should have want and what they get.

Anybody and everybody want to make a ‘Name’ of them. But today the ‘N’ in name has changed to ‘F’. We all want ‘Fame’. We want people to be our fans. To get that fame we could go to any level. We will go to Roadies, Indian idol, DID and many other shows even if we don’t have the talent. Just because they can give us Fame and Fan following.


We will not help the old lady living nearby. What will we get by doing that? Will people recognize us? Will some random person come to click a picture with us? The answer to above questions is a NO. But that old lady will say well about us. She will remember us in her prayers. By helping her or anyone who needs help we will create a name for ourselves. But we want the ‘Fame’ not the ‘Name’. We want people to remember us in there minds not in their prayers. We want people to have a picture of us not a place in their hearts. But trying to get the Fame many creates fun about themselves and Fame goes a lot away even they feel ashamed to show their faces.