A NEW DAY [Story #1 of Ayush & Alia Short-story series]

First day. New Year.

8 AM. His story.

I was panting, while standing in the front at the door of room no. 305.

‘Bye, love you.’ I said to Alia, my girlfriend and hung up. It was like a daily ritual that we used to talk just before I reached my college, since my call actually is like a wake up good morning call to her. Then I made my way into the classroom. Our Sir in the class gave me a look as if I was dating his daughter, though I won’t even in my worst nightmare would dare to do that. He then started his daily grilling for me being late; it was his hobby to grill me. I guess! I was just three minutes late and for that he gave me a seven minutes long lecture; now tell me who was wasting the time?  No matter what the answer is, I was the hero of my class as I had just taken away 7 minutes from the already boring lecture.

After he finished I scanned the class, and ironically today nearly all benches were occupied, and it’s bizarre. The only vacant seat which I could spot was on the first bench. So I sat on it, a girl was right next to me, a new girl. With a spy-eye I scanned her. She had not-so-black-yet-beautiful hairs, she was wearing specs but they were more of being sexy than being nerdy, overall she was beautiful.

10 AM

Finally the bell rang; it was like getting freedom for us.

‘Hey, you are Ayush right?’ the new girl asked me my name or she told me it was my name. Like really! Did she approach me first? In which century am I in?

‘Yup, that’s me.’ I said.

‘I’m Shweta, direct second year new admission post diploma. This is my first day, and more 15 people have joined today.’ She said with a smile, rather a cute one! So now I understood the sudden crowdedness in our deserted class. Though she was like a drop of water in the desert.

‘Oh! Welcome.’ I said.

‘Madam said you are the class representative and we should contact you.’ She said. Suddenly my phone started ringing. I looked at it, it showed Alia calling. ‘Girlfriend?’ she interrupted. Why on this earth did she ask me that?

Unwillingly I said, ‘Yes, I will talk to you later.’ And picked up Alia’s call.

                     I waved with a smile. She smiled with a wave.

                           I think the climate has just changed.

8 AM. Her story.

Finally in the 9th alarm I woke up. There are two types of people, one who just put one alarm and wake up, and the  other who put ten and still has no guarantee that he/she will wake by it or not. I belonged to the later one. Then I dialed the third number in the speed dial, it was of Ayush.

‘Good morning, baby.’ I said. While I was still in my bed.

‘Good morning, get up, you also have college today.’ Ayush said.

‘Yes, where are you?’

‘Just reached the door.’

‘Okay, bye… love you.’

‘Bye, love you.’ He said and hung up.

10 AM

Finally I reached the college. My college, commerce! As I was checking whatsapp groups ‘GM & GN’ messages I heard a familiar voice. I turned around, it belonged to Nikhil. Nikhil was my classmate from last one year; he was a cute guy who has a BIG crush on me. I know that somehow! But he’s also my good friend.

‘Madam, come early.’ He said with a hi-5.

‘Yes, from tomorrow I will come even before you.’ I said and realized it would have been Ayush’s college break, ‘I need to call a friend, and I will meet in the class.’

‘Boyfriend?’ he winked.

‘Nope… you know na I don’t like relationships and stuff.’ I lied on his face. He smiled. I dialed Ayush’s number and started walking away from Nikhil.

                     I waved with a smile. He smiled with a wave.

                                I think the climate has just changed.


Their phone conversation.

‘Hey!’ he said.

‘Hey, so how is the day one at college?’ she asked.

‘Good, nothing special, same drilling for being late and…’ he paused thinking of Shweta.


‘Nothing, how was yours?’

‘Same old college, same old story. Just met Nikhil.’

‘That guy who likes you.’

‘Yeah, same guy.’

‘Hey, I will call you afterwards sir is calling me.’ Ayush said.

‘Okay, bye.’ Alia said

‘Bye…’ and he hung up.


The truths we tell to the people and the lies we hide from our close ones actually tell more about us.

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