Cursed village – Kuldhara


The village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan lies 15 km away from Jaisalmer.  This village was wiped out its entire population almost overnight and till date remains uninhabited.

Kuldhara was established in 1291 and flourished in leaps and bounds with as much as 84 villages in its vicinity. Threatened by an evil dewan, people from this village left one night and cursed the land. All those who tried to take over the land died a brutal death.

Yogi who lives on nothing – Prahlad Jani


An 83-year-old yogi named, Prahlad Jani has lived for 70 years with out drinking water and eating any food. Considering this, in 2010 he was kept under 24×7 surveillance for 15 days where to the wildest surprise of everyone, he lived without food and water. Even then he had no symptoms of starvation. This act of his survival remains a terrific mystery for many.

Taj Mahal – A Temple Of Lord Shiva?


Taj Mahal, as widely known, was a built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum to his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. But here’s the shocker: according to a theory by New Delhi professor P.N. Oak.


According to his theory, Taj Mahal is not a mausoleum and instead, is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called Tejo Mahalaya. His theory further suggests that since Shah Jahan was the supreme commander, he took over the temple and made it what now history knows it as. Another thing that should be taken into notice is that Mughals have had a history of capturing enemy temples to re-erect them into tombs for their loved ones.

Furthermore, no travel logs from the time of Taj Mahal’s construction make any whatsoever mention of it being built but do mention the existence of “Taj” as an established building. Well, we wonder if the government has buried something deep down.

Death of Subhas Chandra Bose


Subhash Chandra Bose, the spearhead of Azad Hind Fauj, was declared dead during the closing stages of World War II by Japan. The reports stated that Bose had died of third degree burns in an overloaded plane that crashed in Taiwan on August 18, 1945. Since the body was never recovered, majority of his followers never believed his death. While some say that this was actually a ploy to help him go underground and finally escape to the USSR. Some say that Bose had become a Sadhu.

In 1946, many of his allies even believed that he was in China preparing his final march on Delhi. A sighter even claimed that he saw Bose in a third-class compartment of the Bombay express on a Thursday. The sightings continued for a long time, but Bose was never actually heard from after the crash.

Emperor Ashoka’s 9 Illuminati men


Some say that this group of nine elite men is a well kept myth, while some say that it is just a circulated story but as the truth comes out, Ashoka founded this society to preserve information which can be harmful for humanity. Every single one of them had immense knowledge about particular subjects, which they hid and carried in the form of books. These books are said to be passed on, but no one knows to whom or to where.


Mystery of Bullet Baba


When Om Banna got into an accident while riding his bullet and passed away, little did the country know that such mysterious events were to follow. The police towed the vehicle to their police station but it returned to the site of the accident the very next day. No matter how many times the police towed it away, locked it up, emptied it of any fuel, the bike would find its way back to the accident site.

Yeti sightings in Himalayas


The Yeti or the Abominable Snowman is a massive ape-like humanoid creature that haunts the snowy slopes of the Himalayas.

The debate goes on and on between those who believe in it and those who don’t. People say there’s more to yeti than this escapist fable. Some say that it saved their life and nursed them, while some say that it was definitely scary. The entire story is open to more than just one interpretation.

Roopkund lake


The biggest mystery perhaps of all of these is how the Roop Kund Lake in Uttarakhand also got the name of the Skeleton Lake. When it was discovered in 1942 this frozen lake was absolutely full of skeletons.

The following summer all the ice melted and even more skeletal remains were discovered in and around it. The explanation behind this lake full of skeletons is still not clear. According to some they are the remains of the Japanese soldiers who died of exposure, and another version of the story is that  after a sudden and violent hailstorm which wiped out an entire group of people, their dead bodies were washed off into the lake.

Have you come across any of such unknown or untold mysteries? We would like to hear from you!

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