You all will be definitely suffering through the problem of battery draining. After all, phones are expensive, and you expect that your current device should run as long as possible. But sometimes, your smartphone’s battery is uncooperative, and won’t let you get through a day without worrying that your phone will die. So here are some reasons why your phone battery dies so quickly. That will surely help you to maintain your battery for longer..


1. Your screen brightness is high


You keep your screen’s brightness always high that your screen will be easily visible to you but it provokes your battery to die soon so just keep the brightness high only when you need it and the rest of the time, turn down your screen’s brightness level to save precious battery life. You can also use auto-brightness feature so that automatically you can save your battery life.

2. Wi-Fi is always ON


If your phone is constantly searching for a Wi-Fi signal on your commute, as you run errands, or when you’re out with friends, it can easily burn through a lot of power. If you want to save your battery then turn off Wi-Fi to prevent your phone from searching for a signal you won’t use. It will save some extra battery life.

3. GPS is always ON


If you rarely use your phone for GPS, you probably don’t need your phone to constantly ping satellites for a service that you’re not using anyway. So keep your GPS off if you do not need it. If your GPS is enabled, then your mobile phone is always going to be trying to connect to a network and it is one of the most battery-intensive tasks your phone does.

4. Apps in the background


The biggest cause of excessive battery drain on smartphones are the apps in the background. If you see the list even today, you see a ton of well known culprits. Apps like Vine or Candy Crush Saga, as well as the Social Media applications refreshing automatically in the background cause a lot of drain. So you should manually off those apps running in the background.

5. Unnecessary push notifications


Apps are really sold on push notifications in order to re-engage with their users. Especially e-commerce and social media apps are serial offenders here. If you have these apps, do disable their push notifications. Some of these apps send about two to three notifications a day and that causes your phone to drain your battery soon. Enabling a DND mode also is a quick solution to overcome this problem.

6. Your phone is on vibrate mode


Everyone keeps their cellphones on a vibrate mode so that you should get that your phone is ringing as well as people around you should not get disturbed but the sad truth is that a gentle buzz drains your battery much faster than a ring or, of course, silent mode.

7. Live wallpapers or bright wallpapers


If you like some great live wallpaper and you are keeping it on your phone then you are definitely coughing away much needed battery. Using black or deep coloured background is a good way to preserve battery. The sharper the contrast and more vivid the colours, more battery is likely to be drained.

8. Apps and data are automatically syncing


Another reason of a battery drain is enabling automatic syncing in an assortment of apps. Automatically backing up your photos or syncing your apps and data sounds like a good idea but it consumes your phone battery consistently which results into a dying of a battery.

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