We all know that “Dexter’s Laboratory” was our one of the most favorite cartoon we have ever seen. The light hearted Dexter,  a genius boy , slips away to his secret laboratory to come up with solutions to various problems and always used to invent some extra ordinary things. He is one of the world’s greatest inventors, having created countless weird and amazing machines and experiments. If he would have been present today then I think these top brands would be named like this rather than their existing names..

1. If Disney would have been created by Dexter rather than Walt Disney then I must say its name would be Dexney. And it would have cartoons in the form of robots which actually take us to the Dexney world.

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2. If BMW would have been created by Dexter then its name would be DEX and that car would not be only traveled via road but also it would have traveled through air, kind of flying car. It would have a robotic control to drive or to do any activities.

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3. If Mc Donald’s was created by Dexter then he would hav been kept all the food which will keep us active all the time as well as keep our memory strong and it would have served by robots.

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4. If Dexter would have created facebook instead of Marl Zuckerberg then its name would be Dexter’sBook. It would have given us the features not only of chatting or calling but also to reach the person we are talking and it would have been amazing.

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5. If CISCO would have been developed by Dexter then its name would be DISCO I think:D Instead of hardwares he would have created some extra ordinary robots which would have helped us in every work we do.

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6. If Dexter would have found Wikipedia then its name would be something like Dexopedia. It would have not only gave us the detail information of anything in the form of data but also would have provided us the actual story audio and video which would take us to the actual history.

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7. If coca cola would have been founded by Dexter then its name would be something like Dexa Dola. That drink would have been intelligent properties which will make us more healthy, smart and cool.

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8. If iPhone would have been invented by Dexter instead of Steve Jobs then I think its name would be DPhone. It could do many things like controlling the home appliances or electronic machines unlike a normal phone which can be used just to call, message or use normal apps.

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9. If Microsoft would have been created by Dexter instead of Bill Gates then probably its name would be something like Dextrosoft. Rather than just providing an operating system, it would have provided us the control and handling of robots through our computers.

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10. If Google would have been founded by Dexter then I am pretty sure that its name would be Doogle.  It would have not only provided us with different information but also it would have provided us the multi dimensional experience after our search. Google must have kept the name of its logos as Doodle by using Dexter’s initial:D

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