As everyone knows, whatsapp is used by every person today. We were not able to share any media before through our cellphones and it used to charge a lot to send a message or to call. We can send messages, broadcast message as well as we can share photos, links, videos, documents,contacts, location etc. without spending a single money. Whatsapp changed our lives totally. It made us come closer. we can even call through whatsapp that too audio and video both. It has given a security and privacy features too.



Paytm is used by everyone now a days for transferring the money. It is the best app for e-transfer pf money. We can shop, pay money, receive money, buy tickets, etc etc. We do not have tension of carrying large amount of money with us like before we used to do, if we have Paytm app in our mobile phones. It gives privacy and security features which assures that our money is safe.



Uber is one of the most famous app for travelling. Before we had to book a cab few days before or we have to wait for public transport. But now we just have to book an Uber and it reaches to you in just few minutes. It gives us estimated cost of our ride before booking. It gives us the details of a driver after booking it along with the location of it. They provides us a small as well as big cabs and we can book it according to number of people want to travel.



Instagram changed our lives especially of the youths. We can upload photos and videos on Instagram. We can follow people and get followed back by them too. Many fashion bloggers use Instagram as their profession and earn money on it. We can even direct send message to people. We had no such platform to upload our pics on any app before so i must say it changed our life.



This app helps us to book a ticket through our cellphones anywhere anytime. Unlike before we had to stand in a queue to book a movie ticket or a play ticket, event or concert tickets. We can book our tickets in a minute by using BookMyShow.



Zomato provides us the detail information of any restaurant or hotel. It even traces our location and gives us the nearby hotel details. It displays the reviews gives by the visited people, as well as the rates, the photos which shows the ambiance of the restaurant so that we  can decide where to go easily unlike before we had to try a hotel every time if we want to go at a new place.



Swiggy is the best app to order our food at office or home anytime. We do not have to go to the hotel now and get a parcel of the food. Now, even if we are at home and tired to go out, we can just order anything we want by using this app. It also provides the location of the food thet we have ordered.



Saavn is the best app to listen music which so ever we want. Before, we used to download each song we like and listen to it. Saavn provides us each and every music album as well as songs from movies. It saves the space of your cell phone. You can hear any song according to your mood without downloading it.

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