Many girls are unfamiliar with Glossy eyelids. But now a days, glossy eyelids are becoming the latest make up trends. It is not at all any long or big process which will take time for your eye make up. It’s just a three steps process and you have your glossy eyelids ready.


1. Apply a Base:


Firstly, put a primer on your eyelids that will keep your eye makeup for longer time as it is. You can even put concealer to make a smooth base. If your skin is oily then I will suggest you for oil free base.

2. Put an Eye-shadow:


Put Shiny or metallic shadow on your eyelids. If you will go with fine shimmer, then it will give more better wet look. Liquid, cream, powder, and gel formulas all work, but gels and creams will deliver the glossy look more perfectly. You can apply with a brush or your finger, but just make that shade smoother and even on your eyelids.

3. Apply a Gloss:


Now its time to make it glossy. Take a light balm and apply a thin layer on your eyelids with your finger. Put it lightly on to the centre of your eye lid. Avoid crease as that is the place where you will get the stickiness. You can use any gloss to put on.

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