Holi colors can cause irritation, rashes, itching and serious bruises to the skin. Those with sensitive skin can even suffer from skin allergies, irritation leading to amyloidosis, chronic skin eczemas, and even serious injuries upon scratching. But that should not stop you from playing Holi. We often tend to get carried away while we are playing Holi, failing to take any precautions. We also tend to cause further damage to our skin while bathing to wash the colours away as we excessively scrub ourselves. So here are 5 tips to protect on those colors. Here is how you need to prep your skin for the battle of colours.

1. Put Sunscreen


Apply a thick layer of sunscreen on your face and body. Put  the sunscreen after oiling your body, and make sure it is gel based, waterproof and of SPF 25 minimum. If you’re in the sun for more than 3 hours, remember to re apply the sunscreen. Make some efforts to use waterproof makeup so that it stays until you finish your celebration. Apply a layer of waterproof base on your face and neck to ensure that the colors do not stick to the skin. For your lips, put a lip guard and a good quality long stay lipstick. If you do not like dark shades, go for a natural shade of lip color.

2. Protect Your Hair


Let your hair down. Do not wear any hair accessories such as bobby pins or clips, as these tug on the weak roots once wet and will break your hair. Apply some coconut oil into your hair, especially the ends. Try not to massage it into your scalp too much, just enough to prevent the color from damaging the cuticle and cortex.

3. Apply Oils


Since dry skin easily allows chemicals to penetrate through the body, always apply coconut or mustard or olive oils on your whole body, at least an hour before playing. Start the day with applying oil to your body in the morning.

4. Wear Cotton Clothes


Wear dark full sleeves cotton clothes which will cover your whole body and can protect you from direct harm of colors. Synthetic seem to be sticky on your skin when you will get wet and denims would be heavy once you have bucket full of water splashed on you which can harm your skin with those absorbed colors.

5. Apply Nail Paint


Drench your cuticles in olive oil so your nails do not soak up any colour. Then, use a thick coat of nail paint on the nails and put Vaseline under the nail edges. These will prevent your nails from itching and rashes.

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