10 Amazing Facts about The Mummy!

The Mummy is the first brick in the wall for Universal’s developing Monster Cinematic Universe Directed by Alex Kurtzman’s. The trailer of  The Mummy is released and the film will be released on June 9, 2017. So here are the 10 amazing facts about it which you must know about it!


1. Tom Cruise is getting paid by 35 Million Dollars for the The Mummy.

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2. It is the highest budget movie ever made in MUMMY series. And the estimated budget is around 165 Million Dollars.

3. This time, The Mummy is based on a female mummy,an ancient Egyptian princess called 'Ahmanet'. And she possesses an evil eye power.

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4. It took Egyptian Scribes about 12 years to learn hieroglyphics.

5. This The Mummy movie has completely new take on the mythology.

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6. Because ancient Egyptian believed it was the center of memory and intelligence, the heart was removed and mummified separately from the body.


7. Artist used computer generated imaging to painstakingly create over 7,000 individual scarab beetles for one scene in The Mummy.

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8. Production moved to Namibia for two weeks with principal photography on the film being completed on August 13, 2016.

9. Initially, Tom Hardy was considered for the role of Dr. Henry Jekyll. Later on, this role was given to Rusell Crowe.

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10. Dracula, Frankenstein and the Other Universal Monster Stories Don’t Exist.

Watch the Trailer Here..

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