Movie Time: Ek Villain


Since the day the first promo came of Ek Villain, there was a lot of excitement in the air about it. The trailer showed that something different was going to come. Though after watching it I can say Ek Villain was something different but over hyped.

The theater was nearly full. Which clearly shows the excitement of the movie in people.

The story revolves around three people, Sidharth, Ritesh and Shraddha.

Sid is the bad guy who turns good when Shraddha enters his life and give his life a meaning. But then Ritesh does something which changes everything. The story is good, though it gets slow at some places.

The show stealer is Ritesh Deshmukh his performance is outstanding. He does complete justice to his character. Sidharth is the new angry young man, he is just brilliant. He makes you feel the character of Guru. Shraddha is good in her role, she looks beautiful and cute. Aamna Sharif has done a great job in her role. Mohit Suri is back and his movies are known for the soulful music and Ek Villain’s music has soul in it. The songs are beautiful. He knows his characters very well. He presents the movie in a way that you don’t get bore and will love the movie. The songs add on to the beauty. But even after being a good movie, it leaves you with certain amount of un-satisfaction; end was quite simple and after the pre-climax scene I expected something more spectacular. Some characters are simple waste.

Overall Ek Villian is a good movie. I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5.


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