Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review ATug of War by Yashika Nayyar


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Yashika who has penned A Tug of War talks about relationship problems of teenagers. A perfect blend of emotions and reality, the book serves the readers with relationships problems and their solutions.

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“A Tug of War” by Yashika Nayyar is a combination of some short stories blended with philosophical thoughts based on real events that serve some useful messages to the society and some wonderful poems which speaks of the most. This book tries to solve relationship problem in order to help readers to maintain their relationships in a much better way.

Authoress tried to lay down some very good messages with the help of this book. The topics are discussed after every short story juicing out the moral of the story such as understanding your children,about parental support and many more.A good writing style has been adopted by the authoress and the articulation is also very nice. The best thing about the book is-motivational poems amalgamated in between the story and philosophies. Not any one, but all of them are good and present authoress thoughts more lucidly. The story ‘No Match Blood’ is really a beautiful story unleashing some unexpected facets of the story at the end serving a great moral. This is the story I liked the most and the book would climb more steps if all the stories would be humorous like this one.

About the downfalls of the book   :I couldn’t found all the stories engaging and fresh. Stories could be more molded and flavored. Also, the stories could be stitched in a much better way. A smooth flow in the narration of the story is lacking. It felt that the authoress is very eager to jump to describe the next event. The sudden change of track from story to philosophy was quite unpredictable at first. Later, I discovered that the stories are just an example to set to let readers understand authoress’ thoughts in an easy way.Authoress has tried well to communicate with the readers but couldn’t stretch to the extent. I was not able to connect to the book completely. A link was missing. The authoress could lay down her thoughts in a friendlier way.

I liked the theme chosen by the authoress but it would blossom completely if it would be implemented well or some stories could be more imaginative and interesting. Although,a nice effort by the debutant authoress.

My rating: 2.5/5

Title: A Tug Of War

Author:Yashika Nayyar

ISBN-10: 978-93-82393-76-4


Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Sanbun Publishers

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Reviewed By: ShwetaKesari (Team WordBite)                     

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