Fashion & Beauty Bloggers have carved out a niche for themselves in the fashion industry. You need not go anywhere for the best fashion and beauty tips. Follow these bloggers and get updated to the latest trend going on. They are making great use of the Instagram to spread their knowledge about fashion and different brands. Here is the list of the Top 20 Fashion & Beauty Bloggers on Instagram for the latest trends and tips. We have chosen this list after following few blogger for about a month. Below are the people who were more active, had number of followers, variety of brands approaching and quality content in their posts.

1) Aashna Shroff  (The Snob Journal):

Source- TheSnobJournal (Instagram)

Aashna Shroff  being the owner of the very famous website ‘The Snob Journal’ have stolen many hearts with her fashion posts. From fashion trends to make up tips, there is nothing which aashna have missed out. Blake Lively is the one she really admires. This confident and bold girl loves to experiment with her styling and hence you can see her blogs very unique.

Follow her on Instagram- TheSnobJournal

2)Kritika Khurana (That Boho Girl):

Source- thatbohogirl (Instagram)


Wanderlust boho chick at heart, fashion blogger Kritika Khurana of That Boho Girl is also a fashion designer.She adores everything that has to do with being stylish. After graduating with a degree in Fashion & Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, she started her own an e-commerce store THE HYPE. Her personal favorites are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Follow her on Instagram- ThatBohoGirl

3) Aakriti Rana Gill:

Source-aakritiranagill (Instagram)

Fashion Blogger, Stylist, Graphic Designer and a Photographer are the words that defines Aakriti. Being a fashion enthusiast, and having trained under a designer of international recognition, Aakriti started her blog,’La Chica Loca’ that was very popular in no time. As an extension to her blog, Aakriti also started her YouTube channel.

Follow her on Instagram- Aakriti Rana Gill


4)Radhika Sethh:

Source- Radhika Sethh(Instagram)

Radhika is fashionista in Mumbai. From a young age she always slanted toward fashion. Having super stylish parents, she started dressing up and posting photographs on various social media forums.  She is truly sensational and writes on various topics like fashion, beauty and food. Radhika advice to all the women is to take their comfort into consideration before adopting a trend. Check her Instagram Account and you will love her.

Follow her on Instagram- Radhika Sethh

5)Meghna Kaur (SheTroubleMaker):

Source- shetroublemaker (Instagram)

Meghna Kaur Kaushal is a youtuber. She is known by the name ‘SheTroubleMaker’.
She makes short sketches and some similar videos. This cute and innocent looking girl have also posted many pictures which show she has collaborated with many brands.

Follow her on Instagram- SheTroubleMaker


6)Santoshi Shetty (The Styledge):

Source- Santoshi Shetty || TheStyledge (Instagram)

Santoshi has blown everyone away with how fast she gained recognition, thanks to Instagram! This fit architecture student loves experimenting with fashion, accessories and makeup. She owns her own fashion blog known as ‘The Styledge’. With a baggage full of hobbies containing art, architecture, photography and of course  fashion, Santoshi Shetty have made up a place in everybody’s heart.

Follow her on Instagram- Santoshi Shetty || TheStyledge

7)Shivani Patil (The F-Drug):

Source- the.f.drug (Instagram)

A fashion enthusiast Shivani Patil has uniqueness in her blogs. She believes that blogging has led her to not only help girls with their daily fashion needs and queries, but it has also  helped her to grow as a person. She was always interested in fashion and beauty, but after school she ended up studying BMM.  Her blog,The F-Drug, has inspired many young girls.

Follow her on Instagram- The F-Drug

8)Riya Jain (Caught in a Cuff):

Source- caughtinacuff (Instagram)

What an amazing blogger with variety in the styling that many people admires. She is writing for like past two years and has really cool stuff to follow. How can you not appreciate someone who is spending most of their time to provide you with the best fashion advises. From her Instagram posts we come to know that this girl has made a firm place in blogging industry.

Follow her on Instagram- caughtinacuff

9)Juhi Godambe:

Source- juhigodambe (Instagram)

Juhi, A 23 year old from Mumbai is another Fashion blogger who is not only focused on styling but also maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.She also has her own website. She says,“ Fashion to me is my happy place, its something that manages to draw a smile on my face and get me all excited almost each and every time. ” She describes her style as minimalistic chic.

Follow her on Instagram- Juhi Godambe

10)Madhura Bhogale (

Source- (Instagram)

At 16, Madhura followed her instincts and went ahead to pursue jewelry designing as her career. SheI went to Milan to pursue her Masters in Fine Jewellery and thats when she started blogging. Today, she is a jewelry designer by choice, a fashion addict by compulsion. Trying to elevate the Indian fashion scene with her own little effort, check out her blog-

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