Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher Charles Doyle


  • Book Description

Take a trip to 244 B.C. and back in Christopher C. Doyle’s debut book – The Mahabharata Secret. The book takes you to ancient times when Asoka The Great discovers a secret that could change the world as we know it. For 2300 years the secret remained buried but fast-forward to the present day and the book introduces another twist, in what seems like any other long-forgotten mystery.

The murder of a retired nuclear scientist who leaves a trail of coded messages for his nephew will take you on the adventure of your life, when you read this book. Exploring prehistoric ruins, being chased by evil forces and saving the world from its utter doom are just some of the fantastic escapades that you will experience.

If you like books that take you through a series of clues with a sprinkling of mystery, then you will love this book from Doyle, which mixes ancient Hindu mythology and modern technology. The first edition of The Mahabharata Secret, published in 2013, is available in paperback.

  • My View

This book is a success in itself, the phase of the book with the historic references actually gives us the exact feel of the story. I actually got cast away with the story’s past and present scenario being linked together with finesse and perfection.  To feel that chronicle and experiencing that thrill in the story is the most driving part. In the middle, somewhere, I felt the narration was slow and there was indeed a test of my patience but finding ‘The Secret’, makes up for it. The story surprised me with something intriguing each time and it goes on till the end page. A very good book and I recommend you all to read it once because sometimes all you need is to have an eye of a person through which you can see a different world, a different Mahabharata. Watch out for the second part of this series.

  • My rating: 4/5


Title: The Mahabharate Secret

Author: Christopher Charles Doyle

ISBN-13: 978-9383202317

Genre: Fiction/Historical

Publisher: Om Books International; First edition (21 October 2013)

So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By:  Dheeraj Sharma  (Team WordBite)

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