Movie TIME: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Story at a glance:

After the event of ‘The Avengers’ Steve Rogers (Captain America) is working with S.H.I.E.L.D. he along with Natasha is sent on a mission to save a ship which belongs to S.H.I.E.L.D. after that Nick Fury shows Steve ‘Project Insight’ which can finish threat even before it arises. Then when Nick Fury is in his car he is tried to assassin by a force lead by an assassin called The Winter Soldier.

After returning home Steve finds Nick at his place injured and just before Nick could tell anything to Captain he is shot by The Winter Soldier, Nick gives Captain a USB drive and says ‘Trust no one’

After that what follows is a story full of twist, turns, humor, and yes ACTION!

To know the whole story get to the nearest theater and watch the movie, it’s worth it.

My View:

We are used to see villains who trouble the superhero in whole movie and then die in the end giving him no competition. Yes there was the Joker in The Dark Knight who changed the definition of Villain in every form. But still after that also many movies continued to have villain who were not super villains.

But Captain America: The winter soldier comes as a fresh air in the atmosphere, it bring you a super villain who is a perfect match to the superhero. He’s fast and he’s strong. The only thing is that he doesn’t have much dialogs.

Anthony and Joe Russo have directed a mind-blowing superhero flick, they have crafted each and every scene with perfection.

Story is the highlight of the movie it additively engages you.

Chris Evan shines as Captain America, he plays the character with such perfection that you can feel his emotions. Scarlett Johansson looks beautiful and the way she flirts with action is like love at first sight. She is perfect as Natasha. All other actors has done a great job.

Every dialog in movie has a soul in it; every scene has a flavor in it. After a lot of time I have enjoyed this much.

Overall I would say, Captain America is a movie of not just action but of emotions, relations, and trust. I would give it 4 stars out of 5. It's worth it!

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