Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review FlipHearts by Saras


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Sometimes to win your love, you must lose yourself… Entirely different souls of Raunak, Aryan and Shahid encounter even more divergent and bizarre problems of love. A nobody all his life, Raunak suddenly finds himself in the privileged confusion of choosing from his sweet first crush and the most popular chick in college. Aryan, a great admirer of the concept of friends with benefits, falls for an uptight, reclusive chick. And doomed to take the nice guy curse, Shahid falls for the vulnerable girlfriend of college’s gangster. They have their own conflicts as they strive to conquer their respective love interests. If and how they do it is the story of FlipHearts.

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  As the blurb says it is the story of three boys, totally different from each other yet entwined to each other under different circumstances. The story of Raunak, Aryan and Shahid; having different views about love and life, and their unmistakable friendship is really fun to read. The different girls in their life are very interesting characters to read too. Just like the boys, the girls are also very different from each other and the best part is that the pairing has also been done very interestingly with two different types of people together.

The beginning was something that I liked about the book. The narration coming second in my liking list. Written in a very simple language with colloquially used words, I particularly liked the sincerity the author has put while framing the book.  The feeling the debut author has put in the book is commendable.

I also liked the way it has been presented to the readers. The readers can very well relate to the circumstances the protagonists are going through at the stages of their life. It has all the spice needed for a nice teenage chick lit read. Given the fact that the book is a debut book, I guess the author has done a nice job in the story and for the characterization.

As for the errors, I felt that the book needed a better proofreading. At most of the places, the author has mistakenly misplaced the names, made Raunak Shahid, Shahid Aryan and Aryan Shahid or maybe the others. The author has also mistakenly misplaced him and her and he and she. These mistakes make the book a bit slow read and drops the speed.

But even after all these, due to the interesting narrating style; the author manages somehow to keep the reader reading the book till its end. A nice job done by the author, though I want to read a better version of it sometime soon!

My rating: 3.5

Title: FlipHearts

Author: Saras

ISBN-10:  8192905705

ISBN-13:   9788192905709

 Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Rectitude

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Reviewed By:  Sharanya aka Vanya (Team WordBite)        

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