Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review The Princess in Black by Upendra Dharamadhikari and Changali Anand


Book Description: The Taj Mahal is going to be blown off, and with it the visiting ex-President of USA. Or so has been impeccably planned by Major Salim Khan, an undercover ISI operative. The only clue that the intelligence agencies have is the enigmatic Object No. 27, a rare Mughal relic that they don’t have much information about. History Professor Narayan Shastri, along with the best men from Indian Intelligence, try to unlock the code. And then there is Saima, the mysterious beauty who found Object No. 27 in the first place. She and Professor Shastri travel through the annals of a history rich with deceit- bloody battles of conquests; the satin veil of treachery; and even the elegant, imperious walls built of red sandstone and white marble- to know more of the impending attach, and each other more deeply. Can they stop Major Khan from unleashing his act of terror on the marble monument of love? Precious hands of time are ticking away: Tick. Tick. Tick.




My View:   Rare Mughal Relics, guns and swords against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal gives this book the much needed feel. The subtitle, after reading the blurb; seems much more intriguing to all kinds of readers. To comment on the title of the book; I want to say that at first glance it emerges loads of expectations from the readers but though the ‘Princess in Black!’ stands for a much deeper meaning inside the book, the title didn’t seem much apt for being the title of the book.

When I started this book, I had many thoughts in my mind, and loads of expectations; especially when I know that this is a co-authored book; I wanted to indulge in the book as soon as possible. As I turned the pages, trust me on this, I fell in love with the world of the Mughal era the authors have described. The first chapter, marking the introduction of Professor Narayan Shastri brought a smile on my lips and lit up my face like a bright star.

The mystery and the charm of the book kept me interested throughout the book and I believe that is one of the plus points of the book. It is in itself a very big insight to the period of Mughal dynasty and that brings to the readers a very interesting view of history. I loved the way the whole book has been narrated. The characterizations seem to be perfect according to the plot. With very measured characters and very to the point scenes this book is a wonderful read.

If I speak of the plot, the plot is interesting but I felt that towards the end, the authors couldn’t hold up the mystery. Maybe to a certain range of readers it would feel perfect but to the readers who have read ample number of mythological thrillers, it might seem weak. Though certain very clear points were there which the protagonists missed and that can make the readers go “oh shit!” but it covers up at the end. The readers know what is going to come but when it comes, it feels good. The end leaves the readers with a smirk!

Apart from that, there were a few negligible grammatical errors which may slower the speed of the book a certain places. All in all, keeping all these things in mind; this book is surely a one time read!


My rating: 4/5

Title:      The Princess in Black!

Author: Upendra Dharmadhikari and Changali Anand

ISBN-10: 9382665218

ISBN-13: 9789382665212

Genre: Fiction, Mythology, Mystery

Publisher: Shrishti Publications

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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By: Sharanya aka Vanya (Team WordBite)



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