Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review Focus Sam by Rohit Gore

Focus Sam

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Sameer Sathe, a.k.a Sam, is an accident-prone young man. He is good at running his bookshop, but he is hopeless at growing up. He has fallen in and out of love with seven women in his life so far. Apart from his love life, the other problem that plagues Sam is his once-a-year accidents. After his twenty-fifth accident, a mystic tells him that he is cursed and that the next mishap will kill him. There is only one way out. One of the women Sameer fell in love with can save him. A desperate Sameer tries to reconnect with all the seven women. He realizes that he had affected their lives profoundly, and most often in a terrible way. He did fall in love with them even if for a short while, but most of them were not really in love with him.

Sam spends time in their company, understanding their lives and also himself better. He learns many useful lessons about living life to the fullest and also bearing responsibilities. Follow Sam’s journey and find out if his life is worth saving…

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Finally I got this opportunity to read Rohit Gore’s debut fiction after reading his succeeding books. I had almost read 70 pages when something interrupted the reading. I had to wait for a long time to start reading this book-AGAIN. I must say that, Focus Sam is by far one of the best debuts ever made by a Modern Indian author. I feel very sad, not to see a reprint versions for this book. Now coming to the story, Rohit Gore’s story-telling skills are superb, with some great relatable characters and exciting, thrilling plot. I too traveled with Sam when he sets himself to embark on a journey to save his life by encountering all the women he once loved in his life one by one and narrates his problems with them. Though gradually when the story moves forward, I felt that there is something missing but then the thrilling story made me forget that feeling too. Of all girls with whom Sam remembers or spends his time with, I liked the character of Preeti. Something cried aloud in my heart and I had goose bumps in my stomach while reading that part. The end part is superbly written and narrated in a very crisp manner. Though I wonder, what will be my reaction if I had read this debut work way before his succeeding work? I guess I would have loved this one more than ever. One more thing I loved about this book is the way Sam talks about some great books, yes I got to know one of my favorite author’s favorite books. Somewhere down the line, I wished if I could one day own a beautiful Book-shop, just the way it is described in the book.

So, in the end I recommend this book to all those people who want to experience some real story telling and not a forced college one so please, please buy this book. Focus Sam has some very beautiful moments which will be there in your heart forever. For now that I have completed reading all the books written by Rohit Gore  I will wait for his next book, because I can feel some great stories within Rohit and I am pretty much excited for his next. Are you?

My rating: 4.5/5

Title: Focus Sam

Author: Rohit Gore

ISBN-13: 9788129117458

 Genre: Indian Fiction

Publisher: Rupa & Co.

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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By:  Rahul Marar (Team WordBite)                        


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