Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review ‘And We Remained’ by Asad Ali Junaid


• Book Description

We are familiar with emails, but have we ever seen it being used as a
way of telling a story? Here Azad Ali Junaid succeeds in striking the
right chord of today’s generation by talking to their hearts in their
own language. You would’ve seen each of the story’s characters during
some point in your lives. Read and get closer to them ‘your way’!

• My View

As a reader, I’ve read several books on young love, college life and
struggled to get through life when you’re just out of college. What
amused me about this book by Azad Ali Junaid is that it had a
different way of telling you the same story that has been told before.

The story of five friends Sahir, Sandeep, David, Gopal and Anand is
set in Bangalore in the late 90s when internet has become popular
among the youth and emails have slowly turned into a way of life.
These Engineering students share their story with us – the story of
their studies, love, women in their lives and their career.

One of the best things I found in the book was its unique
storytelling. Two different phases of life has been narrated in two
different ways. The college life is in first person narratives with
each alternate chapter by each character. Meanwhile, the post-college
phase has been said in a way that familiar to us all, using emails.
The group conversations via emails were as good as the ones we still
send our friends, discussing every important and silly thing on earth.

Since all the five friends don’t end up in India after their studies,
they get to face a lot of varied cultures across the world. All these
are well portrayed in the book, making a reader visualise them with
ease as he reads through each email they exchange. This is not
something that we find in every book written by an author of our
times, and that’s why the book deserves an applause as well.

I don’t intend to unfold the whole book before you, but let me be
frank that I was in awe when I knew that the book was written, the
cover designed and the product was published by just one person! Hats
off for the effort and wishing him all success for the coming books

My rating: 4/5

Title: And We Remained

Author: Asad Ali Junaid

ISBN-10: 1495378926

ISBN-13: 9781495378926

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Asad Ali Junaid

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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By: Siji Menon (Team WordBite)

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