Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora


  • Book Description “Is there an acid test to gauge the success of a relationship? Is it right to carry on in an unhealthy relationship with no conjugal bliss, or look for an alternate path? Rihana is an adventurous and free-spirited girl, until she marries Veer, an eligible bachelor who comes from a wealthy family. While they appear ‘happily married’, their strong personalities are at odds. Veer, for the most part, is insensitive to Rihana’s physical and emotional needs, straining the relationship and leaving her feeling incomplete. Caught between the devil and the deep sea, Rihana has to now decide whether to walk out of her marriage and be a victim of society’s ridicule, or compromise on her physical needs, which for her are the foundation for a healthy marital bond. Can they work out their differences? Will Veer give her what she desires, or push her to do something desperate and scandalous?”




  • My View The sin just got better with this book! Though at first point this book might seem like an erotica, but going ahead with it, it has much more than just erotica to offer. This book is much more than a woman’s needs, it’s about the society and its restrictions. It’s about the constraints of a love marriage and what a woman suffers from throughout her life. It’s about how a girl has to suffer much without even her partner fulfilling her needs at any point of their relationship.

Rihana in her life has been an independent woman but after marriage, even after doing her best in maintaining it, she has been confined in the four walls of the house. Even a sufferer of domestic violence, Rihana has not much to do cause everyone she confides in, have the fear of society which makes her stay in an unwanted relation throughout. But what happens then is what the story is about.

Apart from the wonderful and strong plot, the book has a few major drawbacks. Proper proofreading was something that was amiss. And throughout the book, there was something missing! I guess a bit of flavor would’ve made this book a wonderful one.


My rating: 3.25

Title: Deliberate Sinner

Author: Bhaavna Arora

ISBN-10: 938266520x


Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Shrishti Publishers & Distributors

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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By: Sharanya aka Vanya (Team WordBite)        


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