Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review The Other Way Round… by Dhaval Dange




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Vishal Rajguru is a PG student, set out on a journey of video-documenting a 14-day spiritual and personality development program, “A Way Around”. In a quest to explore how urban Indians are resorting to workshops that ‘teach’ living with a spiritually developed mind & body he’s confronted with facts that could just shake up his entire belief system. On his mission for documenting what he thinks is just another workshop of some kind; he unravels the hidden truth & revelations that could well jeopardize his documentary mission.. and life.

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Writing a book that gets thrilling and interesting with the turning of every page is not a very easy task but the author has successfully done so in this book. The story begins with Vishal and his friend, Karan who enrolls themselves in a 14 day spiritual workshop in order to make a documentary for a contest organized by the Discovery Channel. Vishal befriends a girl called Richa in the workshop who is suspected by the organization from the very first day. Vishal is fed by two stories, one told by the organization and another told by Richa to him. He finds himself trapped in a quandary about whom to believe. He decides to be on the neutral side and to find the ultimate truth about the organization and Richa. In Vishal’s journey of unraveling the truth, we readers are nourished with some nice thrilling sequences.  The climax of the book is very bizarre which leaves the readers in an interrogatory mode. The author has choreographed the climax in such a way so that the readers can empathize with Vishal completely. The questions those are haunting Vishal in the climax are exactly the same that will bother the reader after he closes the book. The reader won’t be able to forget the story after he is done with the book. The author’s approach towards the story is very witty and intelligent. He has created a fabulous female character in the book, Richa who is carefree, courageous and exceptionally intelligent. Readers will be bound to fall in love with the smart Richa and her clever plans. The wooden box containing a message which is given by Richa to Vishal will also intrigue the readers and keep them hooked to the book till the end. Overall, a very interesting read which has thrill and humor at frequent intervals. Since it is not a hard core thriller, readers can also enjoy the light hearted moments between Vishal and Richa. The climax will leave the reader in an array of thoughts. “The Other Way Round…” is a pleasing book that can be read and enjoyed by all.



  • My rating: 4/5

Title:     The Other Way Round…When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Author: Dhaval Dange

ISBN-10:  978-93-80349

ISBN-13:  978-93-80349-78-7

 Genre:  Fiction/Thriller

Publisher:  Srishti Publishers

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Reviewed By:  Purba Chakraborty (Team WordBite)            

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