Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review The Moon wants to be spotless White by Priya Narayanan




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‘The vain moon is devastated when he finds out about the dirt patch on his otherwise pristine white self. He wants to be scrubbed and cleaned by Dhobi Kaka to regain his spotless beauty. The moon cunningly manipulates Mitu into helping him out in this mission. But how will Mitu get the moon down to be cleaned? Will kaka be able to restore the moon’s spotless beauty? Will Mitu be turned into an owl for not keeping her promise? Join in the fun filled adventure of the Moon, Mitu and Dhobi Kaka, as the trio set out on their mission to help the moon become spotless.’

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What is your view on books for children which are normally read to them at bedtime? Bedtime stories I mean! Stories with a moral in it. Yes, this book by Priya Narayanan is exactly that. A very sweet and easy narrating style, especially made for children is one book, after reading which everyone would be ‘awww!’

The story is a very unusual one. It’s about the Moon being devastated as some rowdy starts come and tell him about the dark patch of spot in his otherwise spotless skin. Angry and hurt, the moon manipulates a sweet girl named Mitu for taking him to Dhobi kaka (well known for cleaning stuff spotless) so that the latter can make the moon as it was.

What happens next is what everyone should look out for in the story. One perk of the book which is the highlight is the animations used in it. Wonderful illustrations by Suhita Mitra and the great quality of the book make it sweeter. There were a few avoidable errors of the book but that doesn’t count as a con. For me, I recommend it to all the mothers for reading it out to their children because the moral the story gives is wonderful.


  • My rating: 4.75


Title:     The Moon wants to be Spotless White

Author: Priya Narayanan

ISBN-10:  9381576343

ISBN-13: 978-9381576342

 Genre: Fiction/Children

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By:  Sharanya aka Vanya (Team WordBite)        



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