Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle




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‘You are a wronged woman and shall have justice. Do not bring police. If you do, all will be in vain – Your unknown friend’.


When a beautiful young woman is sent a letter inviting her to a sinister assignation, she immediately seeks the advice of the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. For this is not the first mysterious item Mary Marston has received in the post. Every year for the last six years an anonymous benefactor has sent her a large lustrous pearl. Now it appears the sender of the pearls would like to meet her to right a wrong. But when Sherlock Holmes and his faithful sidekick Watson, aiding Miss Marston, attend the assignation, they embark on a dark and mysterious adventure involving a one-legged ruffian, some hidden treasure, deadly poison darts and a thrilling race along the River Thames.

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The first book introduces Sherlock Holmes but this book is an important step in the development of a great cultural icon where we come to know Sherlock Holmes and his mannerisms, very closely. It is always a pleasure to read Holmes enunciating his famous dictum, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Arthur Doyle for the very first time mentions Holmes love for Cocaine. The most important part other than the thrilling suspense, intriguing plot and memorable characters is the way we get a sneak peek into the Victorian culture. The book also mentions the popular attitudes held in response to the 1857 Indian Mutiny, which was a turning point not only for the Indians but also for the Victorian Raj in the Indian Sub-Continent. The story reflects the way the popular fascinations with British colonial enterprises which can been seen by the way Watson’s personifies the Indian artifacts and accessories when he encounters with some at the crime place. Though the story moves very slowly but still in end it wi;; surely give you some thrilling moments and you feel satisfied and as T. S. Eliot has quoted about this book, we invariably fall into the fancy of his (Sherlock Holmes’s) excistence.


My rating: 4.5/5

Title: The Sign of Four

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

ISBN-10:  0241952964

ISBN-13: 9780241952962

 Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Detective.


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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room with a quote from this book

“I’ve had ups in my life, and I’ve had downs, but I’ve learned not to cry over spilled milk”


We will meet next time; right here with another review of a magnificent book at Reading Room till then enjoy your reading

Reviewed By:  Rahul Marar (Team WordBite)                         

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