Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review By the River Pampa I stood by Geeta Abraham Jose




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There is an ethnic Christian community with two millennium old heritage in the southernmost part of India, where nature had endowed the land and the people with an abundance of grace and beauty. The people belonging to this community are known as Syrian Christians or Nasranis. This novel features a typical Syrian Christian family-its great history, its traditions, its joys and sorrows, its secrets… The story spans over a century and gives an insight into the life of the Syrian Chrishtians of Kerela, which is steeped in traditions dating back to the time of the apostles of Jesus. They are a breed of people who abide by age olf conventions and ancient laws and abhor changes. The caste feelings and feudal hierarchy prevalent in the first half of the twelfth century and to some extent to this day are analyzed carefully as we progress through the story.’

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The book has a story to tell on its own. We all know about the way (in the past and at places even now) there are differences made on the basis of caste and creed. This book is an insight to it. The Syrian Christian family which is talked about here is a very old and privileged family which has a wonderful heritage and an even better lineage.

The lineage is so old that the ancestors have written a book on it which they fondly call their family tree.


Interesting as it seems, this book is a witness to the family’s joys, sorrows, births, deaths, pleasures and even pains. What happened when a person opposes the family traditions? Whose life is shattered and whose life is left untouched. How a death can make a person and so on. Every page is a saga of emotions carved in wonderful words which make this book a page turner in itself.


This book, along with its reference to the time of the freedom struggle also runs parallely with one heir of the family living in the present. Another person who has been bold enough not to bow down in front of the family traditions. Who had the courage to break the traditions!


Apart from the fact that the book is a roller coaster ride, I would also like to state that the book could’ve been better at a few places. The book had loads of ‘aww’ moments which made my expectation raise more for the book.


Since I had huge expectations from this awesome debut book from page 1, I felt that in the middle chapters, a bit descriptions were needed which would’ve made this book just perfect!


My rating: 4.5/5

Title:     By The River Pampa I stood

Author:  Geeta Abraham Jose

ISBN-10:  8188575917

ISBN-13:   9788188575916

 Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

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Reviewed By:  Sharanya aka Vanya (Team WordBite)

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