Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review A Darker Dawn by Rohit Gore




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A curfew was imposed that barred more than two people from meeting on the streets of Amrapur. The policemen had their fingers on the triggers, ready to shoot down anybody breaking the curfew. However, twelve-year-old children were spared. The four friends met at the riverside. A Darker Dawn goes into a small Indian town, and shows how four young children commit a crime in order to protect themselves. They keep it a secret for twenty years, but what happens when they get a call from a man who says that witnessed the criminal act? This is what the story is all about.



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I was very much moved by the author’s other books (Circle of Three and The Guardian Angels) which made me to order his first two books. And then when I started reading this book, I couldn’t keep it down even for a moment. It took me roughly two days to read it. I always used to enjoy the small town stories, and may be the credit for this liking can be attributed to the fact that I grew up listening and reading to the old small town storied from my grandparents. The story of this book starts within a school premises situated in a small town, where the main four protagonists, Dev, Avi, Anita and Jeet used to study. I loved the way the characters were introduced. The description of the friendship between them and their individual feelings for each other were perfectly explained. The most highlighting point to be mentioned is the way those children’s family life was described. The character of Sharif Miyan has been brilliantly essayed. Also I loved the way the second part proceeds and how these four friends are haunted by their past deeds. Then one fine day they get to know that there is someone else too other than them who know their past. That particular situation has been brilliantly executed by Rohit Gore, the author. You will be thrilled to read the way that unknown person tries to contact them and tell them that their secret is no more a secret. Then the last part carries the four friends back to their home-town, after 20 long years. The characters, when they meet, realize that in these years they have changed a lot. Now, the ending portion let me down. I don’t know why, because the story was filled with such a thrill but I felt that the ending had a very luke warm response from my side. Though the end was described very well but this was not the end that I was expecting. But still, I will recommend this book to everyone for its gripping narration, deep and rooted characterization.


  • My rating: 4/5

Title: A Darker Dawn

Author: Rohit Gore

ISBN-10:  9381523001

ISBN-13: 9789381523001

 Genre: Fiction/Thriller


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  • Reviewed By:  Rahul Marar (Team WordBite)         

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