Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review “Right Here Right Now” by Nikita Singh


Book Description


Reinventing yourself is harder when you don’t remember who you were Seventeen-year-old Kalindi wakes up in hospital with no recollection of how she got there. But that’s not the only thing she doesn’t remember: Her whole memory has been wiped clean. How? The doctors can only speculate.

Kalindi doesn’t know what happened to her and-worse-she doesn’t know who she is. She enters her own life as if for the first time. Feeling like an invader, she meets her parents, friends and boyfriend. Everybody says her life was perfect, but she’s having a hard time accepting who she was and the kind of person she wanted to be. She’s also got boards to pass-but she doesn’t remember anything she learned! And the recurrent nightmares don’t make it any easier.

Nobody knows what happened to her. Can she have a peaceful present and future, without a past? Can she just live in the here and now?

About The Author

Nikita Singh is a writer. Her books: Love @ Facebook and Accidentally in Love are best-sellers.

Nikita has also co-authored two books with Durjoy Datta and has contributed to the The Backbenchers series. A graduate in Pharmacy, she was born in Patna and grew up in Indore. She currently works at a leading publishing house in New Delhi as publishing manager. A voracious reader, she is the recipient of Live India Young Achievers Award in 2013.

My View

This is third book by Nikita Singh which I have read, and the first which she has authored herself. Last two were co-authored with Durjoy Datta. I must applaud Nikita for choosing a concept like this, the idea itself is something different, and putting that in teenager’s background is somewhat difficult. But Nikita has managed it very well. She knew her characters and had a very great sense about them. Due to which the characterization has flourished in a brilliant way. The beginning chapter where the protagonist Kalindi is shown in hospital and the way she tackles her memory loss is expressed very well. The emotions when she meets her parents, her friends, even her boyfriend for the first time are captured in a brilliant form. Her struggle where she fights with her old personality and her new personality gives you something new. But sometimes some chapter’s gets slow. But the end manages up for all and gives you a very good feeling.

My rating: 3/5

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Limited (21 April 2014)
  • Tittle: Right Here Right Now
  • ISBN-10: 014342307X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0143423072

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