Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review “Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se” by Kuhoo Gupta


Photo Credits: Kuhoo Gupta
Photo Credits: Kuhoo Gupta


  • Book Description

  Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se is a poetry collection written in conversational language – Hindi mixed with Urdu and English. The poems are inspired by a plethora of topics like love, nostalgia, remembrance, random human emotions, natural beauty and spirituality. It is something everybody will be able to relate to because it is inspired from the jar called LIFE that everyone goes through. It is something that will make you cry, smile or just appreciate in your leisure moments.


  • My View  

Before reviewing I want to share my feelings for this book in a poetic way

Tu Aasmaan Hai

Zameen par rehkar kaise naaplu

Mere shabdo ki kya kubat

Ki teri ehsaas ko aakhlu

This book will surely touch your emotions. Certain things which are much smaller factors in our worldly surroundings are beautifully correlated with the feelings attached to it and formed into her poetic essence which keeps on driving you through the random human emotions.

Even the things which are very personalized to one’s heart are whole heartedly composed and they for sure will read to the bottom of the heart and touch you.

My favorite amongst these collection of poems which had left me with the most long lasting or better to say the unforgettable words are ‘GEHRAI’,’Ilm’,’Daur’. I recommend this a must read for all the people who want to experience something greater yet known feelings. This book have some amazing collection of poems which is in our very own conversational language.

  • My rating: 5/5


Title: Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se

Author: Kuhoo Gupta

ISBN-10: 1494766779


ISBN-13: 9789383808854

Genre: Poems

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

  • Reviewed By:  Dheeraj Sharma (Team WordBite)


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