Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review “Spilled Coffee” by J.B.Chicoine


Spilled Coffee

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Benjamin Hughes is on a mission. He has just bought back the New Hampshire lake cottage his family lost eighteen summers ago, in 1969, just before he turned fourteen—just before his life blew apart.

Still reeling from a broken engagement, Ben has committed himself to relive that momentous summer for the next twenty-four hours.

Every summer as a boy, Ben has gawked at the pretty redhead Amelia, granddaughter to the richest man on the lake, Doc Burns—owner of a Cessna floatplane and the Whispering Narrows estate. During the summer of ’69, Ben not only sneaks around with Amelia, but he learns how to fly with Doc, and meets an eclectic cast of characters that will change him forever. The best summer of Ben’s life turns out to be the worst as the Burns’ family dysfunction collides with his own family’s skeletons.


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A new and unique novel, on how to tame the ghosts of your dark past, by J.B.Chicoine, Spilled Coffee.

This novel is about, a man named Benjamin, recently got his heart broken, buying his family lake cabin at New Hampshire, thus reliving his dark past. It’s once again summer of ’69 for Benjamin, running after his first love, Amelia, who’s a granddaughter to a rich man, DocBurns. But both Ben’s family and Amelia’s family don’t have a good past track record, hence these two families collide ultimately resulting in Benjamin to break his heart.

The narration of the whole story is amazing, the best part being the details of all Ben’s past events were not spilled out at one-go, it was more like peeling the layers of an onion, slowly and one-by-one, and this is what makes the book more addictive, an unputdownable. There are loads of characters and events which makes the book more wonderful. And not to mention the style of the author’s writing, it’s easy and more like keeping the readers always on the loop, not letting us predict the climax, which makes the book more of a thrilling kind.

So guys, if you want to visit New Hampshire, because I bet while reading this you’ll be definitely transported to New Hampshire, grab this book and find out that we cannot close the chapters of our dark past, we definitely need to find a way to deal with them, and welcome them in our present.          


  • My rating: 4.5/5


Title: Spilled Coffee

Author: J.B.Chicoine

ISBN-10: 0615823777


ISBN-13: 9780615823775

Genre: Drama

Publisher:Straw Hill Publishing


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  • Reviewed By:  Aditi Saha (Team WordBite)

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