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Different Alchemy



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As the human population continues to decline, most people travel south to maintain a semblance of the life they know. Entire cities are abandoned. But following a senseless act of violence, one man travels north, toward forgotten lands. Is it possible for a loving husband and father, surrounded by reminders of mankind’s impending extinction, to reclaim what he lost?

A DIFFERENT ALCHEMY is the tale of a man realizing that everyone has their own pain and their own way of dealing with it. It is the story of how one father’s loss can mirror an entire society’s sorrow. It is also a lesson about the importance of forgiveness.



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After reading this amazing dystopian drama, A Different Alchemy by Chris Dietzel, I’m a big fan of dystopian books, and so I’m vouching for more.

Since I’ve not read the first book, I googled about the first one and found out that in the first book, it revolves around the idea that since women cannot produce healthy babies anymore, the human mankind is on the verge of extinction. The babies that are born are either physically or mentally challenged.

A Different Alchemy is also of the end of human race and people are facing the situation. All these events are seen through the eyes of a man, Jeffery, who has a mentally challenged son or rather coined as a Block. But one day the people of the city, where Jeffery resided with his family, decided to put an end to all the Blocks of this city, by burning them in a stadium, which included Jeffery’s son too. Eventually Jeffery had to leave town and headed towards north instead of south, where people were migrating in large numbers in hope of possibilities. In his journey, we see how a man copes with the loss of his only son, also his flashbacks about his past happy life and about few people living up on the north.

Through his book, Chris has tried to give us a message which is, if we are facing the end of the world, we should look around ourselves to help protect us from the situation, like small things can come in real handy, and also we should unite together to protect us from this situation, unlike by migrating or killing. Reading this book will certainly make you realize that we should treat one another with love and care and also how to forgive oneself!

This book is very emotional one and a highly addictive book, once you start reading, you’re unable to keep it down! The writing is very smooth so it won’t be a difficult thing to read this. And also if you haven’t read the first one in the series, it won’t be a much problem, because what has happened in book 1, that is already been mentioned in book 2, a lot of insights of the first book.

This book definitely deserves 5 golden stars. There’s a lot of things to learn from Jeffery’s journey, so A Different Alchemy become a must read for everyone.


  • My rating: 4.9/5


Title: A Different Alchemy

Author:Chris Dietzel

ISBN-10: 1493792164


ISBN-13: 9781493792160

Genre: Science Fiction > Dystopia


Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing


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Reviewed By:  Aditi Saha(Team WordBite)

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