Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review The Thorough Check by Vadassery Thaiparambil Rakesh

 The Thorough Check

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So much has been talked about to quell the great religious divide in India but it pervades like a dust storm all across the society, politics, business and intelligentsia. Here is an honest attempt to see the nation first, a nation that cannot afford to talk divisive after sweltering for hundreds of years under foreign rule and their loot. This is the story of a police officer, who puts his life at stake in protecting the country. Narrated at the backdrop of some scintillating scenes of love, passion, and adventure, it keeps the readers glued to the content. The earthly appeal, scenic locales and the contemporary relevance, make it a darling for all age groups. The book creates yet another Tryst of Destiny, this time in the twenty first century. The protagonist achieves what the creators of this nation could not, a change of heart of the hardliners. A must read for the world citizens of tomorrow: Vasudaivakudumbakam.


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I must say, I was clueless about this book and its cover wasn’t giving me a hint about what exactly is this book about. With this thinking I started reading the book. Like a train which starts slowly and with a little time it picks up its speed was this story too. And once this story picked up the speed, I didn’t look back. What a gripping read this was? The lead character of this story is an undercover policeman working under the State Police of Kerala. He is sent to the state of Gujarat for a tough assignment to find what the answer to all those mysterious activities which was detected in the coast of Kerala and which has some links to the Gujarat. The rest of the story is about the lead character’s quest in uncovering the possible conspiracy by the evils to save the country from them with some high octane action. Will he be able to save the country from the terrorist activities? What will happen when the terrorists get to know about the person who is stopping them?

The story is surely paced in a right way. The character sketching was done perfectly by the author. I could feel the way the characters did. The dramatization was excellent and so was the way the author described the starting chapters. Being a Keralite helped me feel the way the character has spoken about the typical way a Malayali behaves; the Malayalam dialogues were very funny, though proper translations have been provided. There are some creatively written sentences in the book which will sweep you off your feet. A slight importance should have been given by the author in the way the narration goes. The way the protagonist thinks about the way the minorities are treated was very touching. This was the best part of the story. And it surely questions us, the Indians to ask ourselves, “Are we really secular?” Finally I like to say that this is a very unique and beautiful story, filled with some great suspense and some very beautiful emotions.


  • My rating: 4/5


Title: The Thorough Check

Author: Vadassery Thaiparambil Rakesh

ISBN-13:  9789383562053

Genre:Fiction/Crime Thriller

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing


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Reviewed By:  Rahul Marar (Team WordBite)


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