Story at a glance:

After the sudden death of his father, Abhimanyu is chosen by destiny to become the Prime Minister. With him the life of his love, Anwita is also affected. What problems they faces? Does the country accept a man chosen by luck as their leader? Will he accept everything or become a ray of hope and change? Youngistaan is all about it, to know the whole story watch the movie.

My View:

Firstly I will like to say you will be missed Farooq Sir. You are the soul of this movie.

The movie starts off well showing life of Jacky’s life, which gives you a view of his personality. Then the movie takes you in a romantic journey with politics. This has its love and other elements too! The story is engaging and holds you till the end. The director could have done better.

Coming to acting, Jackky Bhagnani is perfect in the role of Abhimanyu. His charm, his sweetness, his love for Anwita everything is pulled off well by him. Actually the movies which he chooses are very different- and Yongistaan is one of them.

Neha Sharma, she is not just furniture in the movie. This girl can act. She has done well as Anwita, she’s bubbly, charming and beautiful.

Other supporting casts are also good.

Music is good.

Overall I will say Youngistaan has got its soul and heart, you should watch the movie. I would give it 3 stars out of 5.

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