I must say on the movie  Queen that it has got a proper release, Women’s Day! This movie has  something different to offer. I along with my friends went to watch the movie, at first many of my friends disagreed over going to watch this one.  Reason was simple it does not has any of the  superstars in it. But apparently with a strong backing by me we went to watch it.

Story at a glance:

Queen is the story of Rani and her journey to find herself. How she goes to her honeymoon all by herself and why she goes all by herself. How after losing herself she finds herself.

I would say go to the nearest theater and watch the movie to know the whole story.

My View:

Phantom is a production house which not only has big names attached to it but these are the people who are known to give movies with something different. Director Vikas Bahl has made a feel good movie, with a sweet and simple story. Kangana Ranaut, I must say, this woman just amazed me. She was the Rani, she lived the character with such perfection that I never felt she was Kangana. She looks beautiful and convincing. Rajkumar Rao perfects in his character, and Lisa Haydon has done a good job. All the supporting cast has done great job.

Amit Trivedi, he has given an awesome music. Each song has something different. The songs go good with situations.

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