8 sex lessons ‘Game of Thrones’ taught us

There are many, many things we do for love. And f**k.

One thing that ‘Game of Thrones’ is known for more than its outstanding drama is (any guesses?) sex. Nothing for the guess though, you are no Sherlock. And in all likelihood, you haven’t been living behind a massive rock for the past six years. The six seasons of the show have had their massive ups and downs; nemesis strikes in every season, there are wars, there are dragons but there is a lot of sex in between. Shakespeare had comic interludes; George RR Martin has sex interludes. But for neither was it without motives. All this medieval pomp and show for sex has given us major rules for seduction and cajolery in our modern day. Here we list eight such learnings from the hook-ups that took place in Westeros so far. Because there are many, many things we do for love. And f**k.

When Daenerys told Drogo, “Tonight I would look upon your face”


This has to be one of the most powerful statements that have been yet made on the show, all the more because it comes from the then-meek, docile Daenerys. She finally learns to take charge of her steed. She rides the big, dragon-like Drogo and the scene is so potently foreshadowing her growth; of her riding the dragons. She taught us how taking control is never a bad idea.

Robb and Talisa on the floor


Having withheld it for some time, Robb and Lady Talissa give way to lust (or love?) and take it down to the floor. This spelled for us how impromptu sex is the most passionate. Let it be in the moment and driven by your hormones, not location.

All of Tyrion and Shae


They are one of the very few romantic couples on the show who kept our faith in love alive (And for the sake of love, let’s pretend they had a happy ending). All their sex scenes, from Tyrion being her lion to f**king like it’s their last f**k on the planet, we fell in love with them and all their scenes. Also, they made us realize how penis size isn’t the only thing that helps keep a woman satisfied; fingers are equally magical.

​Jon’s loss of celibacy


Jon Snow and the wildling Ygritte have a sweet, non-realistic-for-modern-man sex session in a cave. Though Ygritte doesn’t appeal to the masses initially but by the sex scene she shares with Jon, all the women viewers are swearing nothing but to be her! Also, this sexual encounter was Jon’s first and with a forbidden love (A. He swore celibacy. B. The wildlings were enemies.). That’s a thick, thick soup Jon landed himself in but taught us that true love is beyond whatever mess it may lead us to.

Doreah’s ‘lesson’ for Daenerys


Not a sex scene in itself, but the way Doreah teaches Daenerys to be the wife of Drogo and not a slave is slinky enough. ‘You must look in his eyes always’ – That’s lesson one, two, three and n. If it weren’t for Doreah’s advice, we may still be seeing Daenerys struggling to realize the worth of her Targaryen blood.

Viserys Targaryen and Doreah in the bath


Now, that you haven’t been living behind the massive rock for past six years, you must not like the site of Viserys Targaryen at all and having molten gold poured over his head feels only justice. However, this sex scene is an exception, even if the only one. The way he uses the dragon talk to arouse Doreah is something that can deployed by all those people dating nerdy girls out there. Also, it shows how language and a good talk can do

The pansexuality of Prince Oberyn


Pedro Pascal, the actor who plays the role of Prince Oberyn, said during an interview about the character that he plays, “This is the way he understands life, to live it to its fullest. And to limit yourself in terms of experience doesn’t make any sense to him — what’s beautiful is beautiful… So why leave out girls or boys, you know what I mean?” Do you understand what he means?

“When it comes to war I fight for Dorne, when it comes to love…I don’t choose sides, said Oberyn. That’s some metier.


The adorable banter of Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon


They have one of the most stable relationships on the show. Their body shaving scenes and oral sessions are too hot! Though Renly is married to Margaery, Loras’s sister, everyone approves of these hot guys doing hot things to each other.

(Images via HBO)

Source: Times of India

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