7 Best Facts About Lesbian Which Will Make You Jealous

1. You can have your time alone anywhere you want. 

Even the washroom won’t be a barrier for you and the dressing rooms at most of your favourite stores are quite spacious.

 2. No blowjobs. YIPPEE! 

Funny but true! No girl likes giving blowjob. Who needs all that messy affair. I mean going down and dirty would be so good and clean if it’s your girl you are doing.


3. No pregnancy worries! 

You don’t need to worry about pregnancy issues at all. No expected babies in the future, nor even need to take abortion pills and hurt yourself, no matter how much you make out.  


4. No facial hair all around.
Best Things About Being A Lesbian

Let’s be real. The presence of guys leave hair all around and being with a girl will not at all give you the presence of those hair all around. 


5. You get gay privilege.

You get a best privilege of gay. You can even make your sex better by taking an easy help of gay on the bed.


6. Think about all that added on flavoured lip gloss. 

 Best Things About Being A Lesbian

This is a true perk of being a lesbian. Who wouldn’t love a strawberry flavoured lip gloss with the sexy make-out sessions? 



While this might not be a definite guarantee but with two girls in the house, wardrobe supple will be surely double that you can wear number of clothes and accessories without spending much money.

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