5 Brand New Series you should start binge watching!

1] American Gods


American Gods takes us to a hidden, magical America in a strange and trippy as hell ride that begins when an ex-convict meets a conman. Here, technology and media make for the New Gods. It’s fantastical and mesmerising, leaving you in awe of the stunningly bizarre visuals unfolding in front of your eyes.

2] 13 Reasons Why


When a student commits suicide, the whole school goes for a toss. A shaken group of people receives a package with tapes from the dead girl, recorded in her voice right before she killed herself. In it she explains why she did what she did and holds 13 people responsible for her extreme decision. The show sheds light on important issues such as mental health and bullying, matters millennials deal with everyday.


3] Taboo


Tom Hardy plays an adventurer who returns home in London after his father’s death to inherit a shipping empire. His plans to expand his family legacy are threatened when sworn enemies come into play. A slick version of the gangster genre, this intense period drama will keep you hooked with loads of violence, bloodshed and revenge.

4] Legion


A 30-year-old schizophrenic man has been in and out of hospitals for years since his childhood. Therapy sessions, medication and psychological treatment make his routine. When he’s sent to an institution yet again, he meets a new enigmatic patient and things change. A daring depiction of how his mental voices open a world of wonder and power, this show is breathtakingly good.

5] Riverdale


Meet the new age avatars of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead in this super stylish teen series. It has been raging for its perfect package of action and mystery, romance and drama in a small town that sees the shocking death of a high school student. Deliciously nail-biting and wild in nature, this show already has a devoted following.

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