10 Years Challenge How India Changed in Last 10 Years

Payal R

#10YearsChallenge is becoming popular and everyone is trying it!

so i thought to look back 10 years and see how things  changed in last 10 years

1] 2009: Manmohan Singh was Re-Elected for his second term, as Prime Minister of India

2019: Anupam Kher portrayed Manmohan Singh in his Biopic called, 'The Accidental Prime Minister'

2] 2009: Aamir Khan gave the biggest release of the year, '3 Idiots'

2019: Aamir Khan gave the biggest flop of the year, 'Thugs of Hindustan'

3] 2009: Aadhar card was born

2019: Aadhar card & Pan card linking mandatory for filing ITR

4] 2009: Tendulkar completed 20 years in International cricket, scored 30,000 career runs.

2019: Kohli completed 17 year in International cricket scored 24,067 career runs

5] 2009: Rakhi Sawant got  engaged to Elesh Parunjanwala on Rakhi ka Swayanwar

2019: Rakhi Sawant soon to maary Deepak Kalal

6] 2009: A star in the making: Ranbir Kapoor

2019: Ranbir Kapoor gives Biggest Hit of the Year 'Sanju'

7] 2009: Ranbir Kapoor was Dating Katrina Kaif

    2019: Ranbir Kapoor is dating Alia Bhatt