Things To Do When You're Heartbroken

Niranjan Patil

1] Smile at people you pass and watch them smile back.

2] Watch one of your old favorite feel good movies

3] Set yourself up with an tinder profile, you would realize there are many beautiful people around and they are just a right swipe away.

4] Get involved in a really complex, demanding TV series that you’ve never seen before. Like Game of Thrones, Person of Interest or any other it should have many seasons so that your mind is occupied by it!

5] Have some of your good friends over for a house party which includes movies , junk food, and lots and lots of alcohol. Make sure they are one who you mind crying in front of!

6] Go for a long run, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

7] Watch a movie that you know will make you cry. Since till you don't cry things don't get solved.

8] Go to Spa. Make yourself feel special.

9] Gift Yourself. Yes! 

10] Visit a place you always wanted to visit.