7 Take-outs from NEW AVENGERS END GAME Footage

Team WordBite

In 60 seconds Marvel reveals a lot more than it seems, these 60 seconds will surely take your excitement level at the extreme level that you would wish April 26 was today! 

1] Iron Man is back

YES! finally, we see Tony in the arms of Pots in the Avengers Compound. This confirms he is not going to stay away from earth for a longer time.

2] Clint is also back!

Well, the last time he was not there the team lost! Well, the lucky charm of the team is back.

3] Nearly All Avengers in one single frame

This might be the last time we will see the Originals 6 Avengers together and see nearly everyone in a single frame will give you goosebumps.

4] Tony and Steve are friends again!

Tony "Do you trust me?"

Steve "I do"

Well, this is the one scene which can bring tears of joy to die-hard fans of MCU.

5] Captain Marvel & Captain America

Captain Marvel taking the lead and fight to Thanos! and man she is here to KILL!

6] MCU Trinity Together

Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor walking together well the fight is going to be a must watch and most remembered one.

7] Thanos

Has Thanos lost?

Well watch the footage yourself and then wish this month should pass soon.