Interview with Shazia Parveen Author of Home Cafe:a novel

Team WordBite

Today, we will be interviewing Shazia Parveen who is an inspiring author. Shazia has recently written a great novel so let's see what this author has to say about her book and life.

Team WordBite: Can you tell us something about your new release?

Shazia Parveen: Yeah! Sure. But, before that I have some questions for the readers. Have you ever fought with your siblings for silly things? Have you ever made secret plans with your siblings or friends about which your parents were unaware? Have you ever loved someone in your life or do you really love your brothers and sisters whom you never expressed about? Have you ever lived just a common man’s life? If yes, then this book is truly meant for you. You can say that it is a complete package of emotions, drama, comedy, tragedy and of course immense love. The main story revolves around brother and sister who loved each other. The story tells how few other people came in their life, certain things occurred and what impact it made on the strong bond of the siblings.

TWB: What difficulties you faced while writing this book?

SPThat’s really a nice question. The only difficulty that I faced while writing this book were my brother’s behavior. I had to fight and grab my laptop from them to write it down. I had done all the writing work secretly from my family. That was the most difficult task. 

TWBTell us something about your publishing journey?

SPThere is nothing much to be called as a journey. I myself couldn’t understand how quick everything happened. Few months back, I participated in the Word bite contest on Your Quote. Luckily, I was declared as the winner and they offered me a book deal as the winning prize. I asked some time to get ready with my work. Then I came back, contacted them, send them my manuscript and then everything was done by them. So, all the publishing credits go to word bite team. Thank You so much. 

TWBAny book you wished you had written? Why?

SPI wished I had written a book about the life of my family and me because I wanted to express what I never did. I wanted to show the existing harsh reality of few relations. But I dropped that idea as it would be very difficult and painful for me to go through those tough moments again. So, I picked up this positive fictional piece of work. 

TWB: How will you take if someone did not like your work?

SP: Different people have different tastes and choices. I can’t force anyone to like and appreciate my work. I hope most people would like it. If not, then I would take it positively, ask them the reasons and try for the better work next time. 

TWB: Tell us a quote which changed you in some way?

SP: I can’t mention any quote, but few lines by a close person have changed me to some extent. It was something as below:
“If there would be someone else other than you, I would have definitely left him/her for the blunder that you have done.”
This was something that proved my worth for that person and my book is my heartiest apology to him.

TWBDo you write on a daily basis like blogging or something else?

 SP: Yes, I write on a daily basis on Your Quote. Recently, I have joined Word bite and I also write there. Besides these, I have my facebook page too, which holds some of my unsaid words. 

TWBWhere do you see yourself in next five years?

SPHere only, before you all – The readers. I hope you would have been familiar with me till that time.

TWB: Any advice for the budding writers?

 SP: Have faith in your potentials and the Almighty God. Just pick up the pen and start writing what your heart feels. The only care that you have to take is the grammar, spellings, vocabulary and proper arrangement of words in case of poetries. 

TWB: What should your readers expect from you next?

SP: The sequel of Homecafe – Homecafe2. This story is not complete yet, and there is much more to tell about the story of Dhruv and Khushi. So, part 2 is must. Hoping for a good response for ‘Homecafe’.

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