TVF's Kota Factory : The Best Show Of The Year

Amit Mahajan

TVF's Kota Factory: The Best Show Of The Year

Yes, you read that right IIT | KOTA these words were constant when we were in our teens and it still constant and I am sure it will stay a constant for many more years to come.

For the one who has been to Kota can relate to it, the one who has not been there can see what they would have to face, and the one who is old like me can rekindle with the age we did most of our mistakes in.

Kota Factory - EP 01 - Inventory

The Episode starts with  Vaibhav Pandey along with his father trying to get into the best institute but fails and then the mismatched things like friendship with Meena, Uday and Shivangi starts & then we are Introduced to Jeetu Bhaiya. Damn, I wished I had a teacher like him. His character is very well portrayed by Jitendra Kumar. He is the star of the show.

Kota Factory - EP 02 - Assembly Line

Episode two takes us more into the lives of our main characters. It will surely teach you a few things about life in a beautiful way that you will surely take some lessons. There are many dialogues which will stay with you for a long time. 

Kota Factory - EP 03 - Optimization

This is one of those episodes which will remind you of the time when you don't understand some subject and it is needed, But don't worry Jeetu Bhaiya is there to help you out.

Kota Factory - EP 04 - Shutdown

Well Romance is part of our lives and what we can do for it can be easily seen in this episode and I am sure many more memories are going to come back when you watch this episode.

Kota Factory - EP 05 - Overhaul | Season Finale

Well this is a episode which has the best dialogues and scenes any motivational series or movie ever had. Hats off to each and every one at TVF after Pitchers they had recreated magic again is the best way possible.