Soul Cry

Obekpa Stephen

Soul cry Tap tap tap on the wall Ever so slightly knuckles rap Fleeting shadows pass by Must be a trick of light The swishing sound of dragging feet The chandelier swaying, Must be a draught of breeze Why am I frightened out of my wits? My thoughts freeze, Fear paralyzing my heart As doubt oozes through the cracks in the wall Like thick smoke Breaking through my consciousness Making everywhere foggy Leaving my soul weary As I float like a disembodied spirit Disconnected from myself Leaving me incoherent, flustered and disoriented Frightened beyond my wits, I retreat into the inner chambers of my mind Seeking solace in the dark Away from these ghouls and fiends Wearing a bland expression Mindlessly drifting Soulessly performing my tasks Marking time As another day passes by With the clock ticking my life away As I remain locked in fierce battle Wishing all these demons would go away