Regrets - Futile or meaningful?

Aritra Das Sarma

Its difficult to say what we do not regret in our life. I mean we regret all the wrong decisions we made,and even we regret the right decisions because we feel something better could have happened . Human beings are capable of endlessly suffering. They can suffer without a good cause. They suffer mistakes they had made a decade back . They suffer imaginative miseries of future. They regret most of their crucial life choices at least once in a while for they are never sure what they want . They appear to be very confident in the wants and desires...all their certitude evaporates the moment some better option shows up. There is no end to desires and therefore there is no end to regrets . Every regret is marked by tremendous suffering. They are not dealing with sorrows here ,they are dealing in suffering...some sorrows might be there in life but thid endless suffering is a choice. What is Regret? Regret just like worry is a futile feeling ...a feeling of not being able to change what's already done because it can not be undone. Yet we regret . Yet we ceremoniously regret . In blabbering past stories or silently crying burrying our head in our pillow . Regrets just like worries eat people more than their real troubles. We know its pointless to think about things we can not change yet we can't stop in going in cycles about all might have happened and all that could have been done . We end up living inside our head . Why do we regret then even when we logically understand everything .... Probably because regret is not that futile as it may seems ...its just our mind's way of coping with the past ...its our way of gradually moving on! Not always regrets are bad. If we regret ,let it out and choose to move on . We actually give ourself the permission to feel the bad so that we can now be free to wholeheartedly feel all the great emotions.